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 Texas Fred the Zydeco Cowboy 

Thanksgiving Celebration

Trail Ride Well here we go cher. We gon' kick off the holiday season with a Texas Fred's After-Thanksgiving Trail Ride in Rock Creek Park this Saturday, November 30.

We gon' start at 10am at Grove 14 just across the street from the Nature Center and across the field from St. Johns College High School at Military Road and Oregon Ave. NW Washington, DC.

We gon' ride about 3-4 hours and then eat and drink until we get escorted out. Even if you ain't got no horse, come for the tail gate party. My girls Janice and Marsha are gon' have plenty gumbo, chilli and fried chicken to help you get over the "I don't want to see no mo' damn turkey blues". There will be plenty of food, music and drink so come on Cowboyz and Cowgirlz. My good friends the Rough Riders are gon' have a sho' nuff shindig later that night- we gon kick off the holiday season the right way-Cowboy Style.

Thankgivin Trail Ride After-Thanksgivin' Trail Ride
Rock Creek Park
Grove 14
Saturday, November 30
starting at 10am
Military Rd. and Oregon Ave. NW, Washington, DC


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