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 Texas Fred the Zydeco Cowboy 

Texas Fred
Eric Brace interviews the Zydeco Cowboy

Bon jour ma fren,

Now that y'got yourself settled into your '03 groove why don't we just turn this 'squita up a taste with some good ol' foot stompin' music cher?

Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Roadrunners will be making their Zydeco debut at the
historic 94th AeroSquadron
on Friday, February 7

Let me tell you somethin' right now this is gon' be one HOT show on Friday night, February 7. Leroy's gon' be crankin' and this is one fabulous spot just waiting for some too funky sounds to bring the walls down. If you have never been to the 94th. you are in for a treat. Come let's show these folk we put the "P" in partay!

Fun!   Fun!  Fun!

Don't miss Texas Fred's
Pre-Valentine's Day Zydeco Party
and 2nd Annual Underwear Drive for the Homeless
when the Creole Zydeco Farmers will be
starring at Chick Hall's Surf Club on Thursday, February 13

Now this is gon' be the bomb on Thursday, February 13. The Farmers have not been to the DC area in quite a while, this promises to be a memorable event for sure at the Historic 94th Aero Squadron. The band plays some of the best good ol' down home foot stompin' Zydeco around. This is an exclusive engagement so you sho' nuff don't want to miss this one.

It's the 2nd Annual Underwear Drive for the Homeless so please bring a "new" pair of men, women and/or children's underwear to be donated to a homeless shelter on Valentine's Day. Spread the love cher on Thursday, February 13

All of the aforementioned events are being done in conjunction with Zatarain's New Orleans Style Seasonings so you know the flavors gon' be tight. Yeah Ya Right!

Stay tuned the best is yet to come!

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