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 Texas Fred the Zydeco Cowboy 

Texas Fred
Eric Brace interviews the Zydeco Cowboy

Happy Holiday's,

You know the best way to keep from having to make that terrible resolution about losing weight is to get yo' Boogie On-Yeah Ya Right! So to make you feel betta I'm gonna help ya, startinnnnng:

  • Wednesday, December 18
    Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Road Runners come to Taliano's

December, 19
Texas Fred is gon' take that funky Zydeco to the Dept. of Interior, down town DC, for their Chrismas/Mardi Gras party from 4pm-7pm. They say they is ready, well we gon' see cause I'm goin' to blow the roof off the mutha-eh toi. I am looking for some volunteer dance instructor though so these folk don't get lost in the sauce. If you are interested holla back.

December 28
If you still want to Zydeco on Dec. 28 holla and yo' ol' Cowboy will surely oblige. Let me know if you're comin!

Western Ball Fundraiser -- POSTPONED!
Texas Fred hosts his annual western ball fundraiser for Grandma's House. This years theme is "Diamonds and Dungarees". If you missed last year's "Cadillacs and Cowboy Hats" you don't want to miss this. It is goin' to be truly special. Stay tuned for details-comin' soon.

Texas Fred's "Diamonds and Dungrees" Cowboy Cabaret will be postponed until January 11, 03. I'm givin' the folk who are going to Louisiana and other places a chance to get back cause I want everyone to partake of this grand event.

So now can you still get in them jeans? Well not to worrry-keep on dancin'. Yeah Ya Right!

dancin boots

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